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ThaMa-Vet of E. Nechmad Ltd specializes in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art automatic syringe systems and injectors for veterinary and healthcare applications.

ThaMa-Vet offers a wide range of innovative self-refilling veterinary syringes designed for mass vaccination. The company supplies high-quality easy-to-use syringes and accessories to poultry, livestock, fish and small animal producers, as well as healthcare professionals. The syringe product line includes fixed-dosage, variable-dosage and multi-purpose syringes.  MORE>

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We at Thama-Vet regret to announce the original founder of our company Eli Nechmad passed away on January 29 at the age of 87. Eli, who worked daily at our company until recently, was loved by all of us. We will sadly miss him.

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