ThaMa 214

ThaMa 214 automatic 2-in-1 swine syringe

2 different swine vaccines in one action saves time and costs 

Each syringe needle offers 3 dosages; 1.0cc, 1.5cc, 2.0cc, or any combination between them.

ThaMa 214, is the ultimate swine syringe solution. Its innovative 2-in-1 features have been designed to increase efficiency and reduce your work load. The dual option makes it possible to vaccinate each pig once with two different medications.

With the ThaMa 214 you can be sure the vaccination process will be administered as the vaccine company intended.

ThaMa 214 set gives you 2 vaccination options:

  1. Use 2 needles in 1 syringe with different medications  – if  the vaccine company and vet instruct you not to mix the vaccines
  2. Bridge 2-to-1 Needles –2 vaccines that can be mixed

ThaMa-Vet swine syringe advantages

  • Innovative cost saving, time saving
  • Variable dosage range – 1.0cc, 1.5cc and 2.0cc
  • Ultra precision dosage locking mechanism
  • Easy to administer
  • Oil-proof piston O-ring
  • Stainless-steel valves
  • Smooth sliding operation
  • Ergonomic grip for ongoing use
  • Adaptable to bottle feed
  • High-quality materials

          Note: Comes with the bottle feed

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