ThaMa 263

ThaMa 263 All metal automatic 0.5cc – 2cc swine syringe with Vial holder

Designed for granular swine vaccine substances

The ThaMa 263 is a unique all metal automatic syringe for the treatment of swine. It comes with three fixed-dosage pistons including 0.5cc, 1.0cc, 2.0cc. The fixed dosages eliminate the need to check settings while administering mass injections and ensure dosage accuracy for each and every inoculation. Equipped with a vial holder which enable the option of attaching the vaccine bottle directly to the syringe.

ThaMa 263 swine syringe advantages 

  • Ultra-precise piston dosage range; 0.5cc, 1.0cc and 2.0cc
  • All metal – no glass to be broken
  • Especially designed to work with tough swine vaccines
  • Equipped with a unique NBR valve for special granular swine vaccines
  • Super easy to change piston per dosage
  • Valve system ensures accurate delivery with no room for error
  • High-quality materials
  • Long lasting syringe works for years

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What’s inside the box? 

  • ThaMa 263 syringe
  • Vial holder and plastic clip
  • Spare parts kit
  • Pistons set
  • Spare parts kit
  • Manual

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