ThaMa 205

ThaMa 205 0.1cc to 0.5cc adjustable dosage overview

Poultry, Thama-Vet

Poultry and small animals

The fastest, easiest-to-use and most cost-effective automatic syringe for poultry and small animals

ThaMa-Vet 205 is an adjustable automatic syringe designed for poultry and small animals. Renowned for its precision, the syringe provides accurate delivery of small dosages. The dosage measure of 0.5cc to can be adjusted to 0.1cc to meet the unique needs of small animals.

ThaMa 205 adjustable 0.1cc to 0.5cc syringe advantages

  • Ergonomically designed for fatigue-free operation
  • Long lasting syringe works for years
  • All syringe parts can be sterilized up to 125°C
  • Thermal – treated glass barrel
  • “Nechmad” valve system ensures accurate delivery with no room for error
  • Economical parts are all interchangeable

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What’s inside the box?

  • ThaMa 205 syringe
  • Spare parts kit
  • Plastic hose
  • Cannula needle
  • Manual

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