ThaMa Fowl Pox Syringe

Simply the world’s best fowl pox syringe

Until today, fowl pox vaccinations were often a wasteful, time-consuming and ineffective process. The Fowl Pox syringe developed by ThaMa-Vet, represents a revolutionary breakthrough in fowl pox vaccination. Based on a unique eye-of-the-needle delivery method, the exact required dosage is injected each and every time, leading to more effective treatment and less waste.

The one-handed operation of the lightweight Pox Vaccinator reduces manpower and saves time. By greatly simplifying the vaccination process, the Pox syringe delivers significant savings in labor and vaccine costs.

ThaMa Fowl Pox syringe advantages

  • Easiest, safest, most effective Pox syringe
  • Precise eye-of-the-needle delivery
  • 1-handed operation saves time, reduces yields
  • Eliminates painful hand scratches
  • Available in 1cc or 2cc measurements

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What’s inside the box

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ThaMa Fowl Pox 2 Needles Vaccinator