About E. Nechmad

Mr. Eliezer NechmadThe story behind E. Nechmad Ltd starts more than 60 years ago. Mr. Eliezer Nechmad was a professional glass polisher and a gifted technician. Mr. Nechmad entered the world of syringes and medical instruments, during 40th of the 20th century, when the syringes were made of glass only.

At the early 50th, technology advanced and plastic was used for human syringes, making it disposable after one use only.

In a brave decision, Eliezer Nechmad chose to continue working for the veterinarian field, continuing developing and manufacturing syringe with the best material there were. Mr. Nechmad became an expert and a leader in the field of automatic vet syringes. Eliezer’s strive to manufacture the best quality automatic vet syringes is the goal of the company to this day.

The ThaMa-Vet line of syringes were developed when Eliezer’s son – Udi joined the family business about 20 years ago. By joining the experience and knowledge of Eliezer with the energy and new technology Udi brought, the ThaMa-Vet syringes quickly became one of the world leading vet syringes.

Today, E. Nechmad Ltd offers the ThaMa-Vet professional vet syringes – a full line of syringes that will give a solution to any needed vaccination for poultry, pigs, cattle and other small animals.. The company is working closely with all levels of the veterinary fields starting by the largest global vaccine companies, via a network of international distributors and dealer through the farm owners and ending with the veterinarian and farm workers. Working directly with all level of the industry enable E. Nechmad Ltd to keep evolving and developing the best vaccinating tool.