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Why ThaMa-Vet?


  • Innovative auto self-refilling syringes – mass vaccination
  • Designed for simplicity, and speed
  • Ultra precision – exceptionally accurate dosing
  • Fixed-dosage / variable-dosage technology Multi-purpose syringes
  • Double vaccinator with 2 different dosages and vaccines in 1
  • Easy and safe to prepare and use
  • Precise measurements with eye-of-the-needle accuracy
  • Reliable delivery – No mistaken dosages
  • Ergonomically designed for mass treatment
  • Light weight, easy to grip, no hand scratches



  • Designed for cost savings
  • No wastage
  • Ongoing research and design
  • Expert team of designers and engineers


Quality assurance

  • Designed and built to last
  • Stringent quality assurance – ISO certified
  • Syringes are produced with superior materials; oil proof, non-corrosive featuring stainless steel
  • UV resistant and break proof
  • Field proven for over 50 years
  • Easy to clean, maintain and care
  • Produced for sterilization up to 125°C

Maintenance and care

Service and support 

  • Distinguished by our passion for service and progress
  • Training and support readily available 24×7
  • Available worldwide – reliable delivery
  • Work closely with partners and customers to meet needs
  • Trusted for over 50 years