Double-dose syringe: improving poultry health with single-shot efficiency

In a recent article published by WATTPoultry,  industry experts gathered to discuss the challenges faced by the poultry industry. The article summarizes a panel discussion with several key players in the poultry industry in which, participants tried to determine what new technologies hold the most promise for preventing disease outbreaks and improving bird health and welfare outcomes.

One of panelists was Dr. Joshua Deines, Technical Services Device Lead, at Zoetis, a major player in the veterinary vaccine market.

One of questions, presented by moderator Terrence O’Keefe revolved around the available solutions for vaccinating breeders and layers and referred specifically to the challenge of administering multiple vaccinations – such as salmonella and other diseases while minimizing labor and stress on the birds.

“There are some possible ways around that where we can hopefully still do it where we get every bird, but we don’t need the labor and don’t have to bring a crew from farm to farm,” O’Keefe observed.

Dr. Deines acknowledged that vaccine administration remains a significant hurdle. However, but said one solution, used by Zoetis, is applying a double breast vaccinator to simultaneously administer multiple products and multiple product types in a single handling.

“We may not be able to remove handling altogether, but we could remove the number of times and the stress of that single time we are handling the burden,” he concluded.

The fact that Zoetis, which uses ThaMa-Vet’s double syringe, choose to highlight this specific product illustrates the great advantages of ThaMa Poultry 222 syringe.

This innovative syringe allows simultaneous injection of two poultry vaccines at different dosages in a single shot. No need for separate handling or multiple rounds. The all-metal, automatic vaccinator streamlines processes, reducing labor and time spent on vaccination.

Featuring ThaMa-Vet’s unique fixed dosage technology, the syringe ensures accurate dosing. It comes with two sets of pistons calibrated at:

  • 1cc
  • 2cc
  • 25cc
  • 3cc
  • 5cc

Equipped with a unique two-to-one bridge, the ThaMa 222 can be used with one or two needles as needed. For farmers and veterinarians, this double syringe offers an excellent solution, a seamless blend of efficiency, precision, and ease.