ThaMa 220

ThaMa 220 ‘Fixed Dosage’
All-metal automatic poultry syringe overview



ThaMa 220 ‘Fixed Dosage’
All-metal automatic poultry syringe overview

Fastest and easiest to use, it has been voted the “Most Popular Syringe of the Year”

The ThaMa 220 poultry and turkey syringe featuring the unique ‘fixed dosage’ technology, equips your team with the most user-friendly vaccine device.

Easy to assemble and maintain, the ThaMa 220 is continually ready for a repeat performance. Renowned for lasting the distance, the ThaMa 220 is a highly cost-effective yet affordable poultry syringe. The ThaMa 220 has been optimized for the mass treatment of one-day-old chicks, other small birds and fish requiring up to 0.5cc dose.

Its ergonomic structure has been designed to increase ease-of-use, reduce user fatigue and minimize damage to the poultry stock.

The ThaMa 220 has been chosen by the global vaccine companies year after year as the in-house syringe to promote their vaccines.
It is supplied with five fixed-dosage pistons: 0.1cc, 0.2cc, 0.25cc, 0.3cc 0.5cc. 

ThaMa 220 – fixed dosage advantages

  • All metal body – no glass to be broken
  • Highly versatile automatic vaccination tool
  • Ergonomically designed for fatigue-free operation
  • Cost-effective for poultry and small animals
  • Fixed dosage ensures same accurate dosage and measure per inoculation
  • Eliminates need to check settings while administering mass injections
  • Long lasting syringe works for years
  • Super easy to change piston per dosage – on each piston the measure is stamped
  • “Nechmad” valve system ensures accurate delivery with no room for error
  • Economical parts are all interchangeable
  • All syringes can be sterilized up to 125 C

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What’s inside the box

  • ThaMa 220 syringe
  • Spare parts kit
  • Pistons set
  • Cannula needle
  • Plastic hose
  • Manual


Spare parts

Spare parts kit includes:

Parts numberPart DescriptionQuantity
220-05Valve Spring2
220-06Valve Stainless Ball2
220-07Valve Plastic Washer2
220-10Piston O-Ring5


Spare parts kit includes:

Parts numberPart DescriptionQuantity
220-21Piston 0.10cc1
220-22Piston 0.20cc1
 220-25Piston 0.25cc1
220-23Piston 0.30cc1
220-24Piston 0.50cc1

Instructions manual

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