ThaMa-Vet’s new swine syringes highlighted at ILDEX Vietnam 2024

ThaMa-Vet’s wide range of innovative automatic and self-refilling veterinary syringes for the livestock industry were presented at ILDEX Vietnam, which took place on May 29-31, 2024, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

ThaMa-Vet products were presented by the company’s local distributer, The Asia Pacific Import Export, Joint Stock Company (APE). ILDEX provided APE with a good opportunity to showcase ThaMa-Vet wide range of syringes for poultry, swine and aqua industries.

At the show, APE unveiled ThaMa-Vet’s new Clearly Fixed innovative swine syringes, which combine fixed dosage precision with a transparent barrel, ensuring highly accurate administration while maintaining ease of use.

ThaMa 312 and ThaMa 313 are the latest addition to ThaMa-Vet’s line of automatic swine syringes, offering unique all-metal, fixed-dosage and adjustable glass barrel automatic syringes.

ThaMa 312 and ThaMa 313 syringes eliminate the need for manual adjustments during mass injections. With pre-set dosages pistons, users can focus on efficient vaccination without worrying about settings. The three fixed-dosage pistons (0.5 cc, 1 cc, and 2 cc) guarantee consistent and accurate dosing for every inoculation.

ILDEX Vietnam, which took place for the ninth consecutive time, is an international exhibition on poultry, meat processing, livestock, dairy, and aquaculture, The three-day event witnessed an impressive turnout of more than 200 exhibitors and 18,000 visitors from over 45 countries, mainly from Southeast Asia.

“As the Asian livestock market in general and the Vietnamese  market in particular are growing rapidly overcoming challenging years. Tradeshows, such as ILDEX, provide ThaMa-Vet’s distributors with an excellent opportunity to meet local growers and present them to our cutting-edge products,” said Udi Nechmad, CEO of ThaMa-Vet. “We view the Vietnamese market as a very lucrative one and are happy to witness the great interest in our syringes.”

Nechmad added that Vietnamese growers have shown a preference for using transparent barrels, and therefore, the company’s ThaMa 210, ThaMa 213 and ThaMa 240 are very popular. In light of this and following requests from local users ThaMa-Vet has decided to add the two new syringes.

Vietnam’s livestock sector is in the midst of a fast acceleration process presenting vast potential and expansion prospects. The industry has undergone remarkable growth recently, characterized by new facilities and enhancements in production volume and quality. Currently, livestock contributes to 27% of the agricultural sector’s output.

The livestock industry in Southeast Asia is a dynamic and integral part of the region’s economy, contributing significantly to the livelihoods of millions. With a diverse range of climates and ecosystems, the region supports a variety of livestock systems, from smallholder farms to large-scale commercial operations.

Despite challenges such as disease outbreaks and varying market demands, the industry continues to innovate and adapt, ensuring food security and providing employment opportunities across rural areas. As countries in Southeast Asia invest in sustainable practices and technology, the livestock sector is poised for continued growth and development.