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ThaMa 213

ThaMa 213 piglets and pigs syringe 

Comes with special valve and vial holder, range 0.2cc to 2.0cc


ThaMa 213 piglets and pigs syringe 

Comes with a special valve and vial holder, range 0.2cc to 2.0cc

ThaMa 213 is a highly versatile, ultra-precise and user-friendly automatic syringe for piglets and pigs. Fitted with a unique multi-purpose connector, the ThaMa 213 supports every direct and remote intake mode employed today.

The ThaMa 213 comes with our unique Vial Holder.  Users can administer vaccines directly from the manufacturer’s bottle or from a light plastic feeding bottle or using tube connector to a large 250cc container.

The pure properties of glass and metal were designed to ensure that all vaccination procedures are administered with confidence and without the risk of chemical interactions that can be associated with plastic syringes.

ThaMa 213 syringe advantages

  • 0.2cc -to- 2cc adjustable syringe
  • Highly versatile automatic syringe
  • Designed for maximum comfort during vaccination
  • All syringe parts can be sterilized up to 125°C
  • Unique vial holder
  • Thermal – treated glass barrel

For maintenance guidelines click here 

What’s inside the box

  • ThaMa 213 syringe
  • Vial holder and plastic clip
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Castor oil
  • Manual


Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit includes:

Parts number Part Description Quantity
1304 Cylinder Washer 1
1305 Valve Spring 2
1306 Valve Stainless Ball 2
1307 Valve Plastic Washer 1
1310 Piston O-Ring 2
1330 Fiber Washer  2
1348 Vial Holder – Fiber Washer

Maintenance Kit includes:

For ThaMa 240 & ThaMa 213 syringes

Instructions manual