ThaMa 312

Clearly Fixed

NEW! ThaMa 312

Automatic swine syringe, Fixed-dosage with see through barrel


ThaMa 312 automatic swine syringe

NEW! Clear barrel and Fixed dose in one syringe.

The ThaMa 312 is a unique fixed-dosage automatic syringe with see through plastic barrel. It comes with three fixed-dosage pistons including 0.5cc, 1.0cc & 2.0cc.

The fixed dosages eliminate the need to check settings while administering mass injections. It also ensures dosage accuracy for each and every inoculation.

The swine syringe was ergonomically designed to provide a highly safe, user-friendly and reliable vaccinator without the need to pause production. The ThaMa 312 syringe is designed to ensure that all vaccination procedures are administered with confidence and without the risk of chemical interactions that can be associated with plastic syringes.

ThaMa 312 syringe advantages

Ultra-precise piston dosage range; 0.5cc, 1.0cc and 2.0cc

Clear barrel & Fixed dose – see the vaccine with no worry about the dose.

Especially designed to work with tough swine vaccines

Super easy to change piston per dosage

Dosage locking mechanism

Valve system ensures accurate delivery – no room for error

High-quality materials

For maintenance guidelines click here

What’s inside the box

  • ThaMa 312 syringe
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Pistons set.
  • Cannula needle
  • Plastic hose
  • Manual


Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit includes:

Parts numberPartQuantity
312-04Cylinder Washer1
312-05Valve Spring2
312-06Valve Stainless Ball2
312-07Valve Plastic Washer2
312-10Piston O-Ring2


  1. Clear barrel
  2. Pistons set.

Instructions manual

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